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A gravity surge is one of those sci-fi terms that means nothing at all, and yet everything. You can absolutely imagine it happening, even though it could never happen. Sort of like uniquely-owned, traceable, digital media for which audiences pay just for the opportunity to maybe see it.

We exist in the now-future, where the world, and of course content, is digital. Simply putting your valuable IP onto one of the NFT flea markets is fine. But you don’t settle for fine. And neither do we.

Similar to crowdfunding or trying to ‘go viral’, there are the few who do it very well and then there is everyone else. Our pedigree is built on the massive showings, the anticipated drops, and the mind-bending totals sold for our clients… The gravity surge that we can create to draw people to your work.

Our team consists of film and gaming insiders, appraisers, culture experts, security pioneers, promoters, connectors, and closers. We are not a broker. We are everything you need to propel your hidden media to massive exposure and ongoing sales.

And our specialty is in those rare gems, the never-before-seen, the behind-the-scenes, cutting room floor sorts of hyper-fan gold. The stuff that obsessive stans crave. You know the type, the ones who speak Klingon or Middle Earth’s Elvish tongue. Those who know more than 20 diehard fans combined.

The gravitySurge source is audience engagement. The depth of interaction that earns content owners revenue just for holding an exhibition, then eye-popping sales, and uniquely ongoing payout percentages when items are sold again OR displayed in our online galleries. Nobody else offers three revenue streams per item!

gravitySurge is the agency to engage this sort of rabid audience with your invaluable media.