Why Choose Us?

Be Seen Everywhere

The most important element is visibility. People need to see the content to appreciate it, want it, and buy it. We leverage deep connections in PR, media, and promotions to put your art in front of everyone.

Optimize Revenue

You can sell your content, or you can generate insane demand where people clamour for it. Where they pay top dollar. Where others gasp at the amount spent. Then, get paid two more ways before and after the sale!

Timed Drops

Drops create expectancy. They feed on scarcity, FOMO, and group hysteria. They are powerful buzz generators in music, sneakers, fashion, and now media and art. Our drops have made headlines. Your exhibit stands out.

Activity Reporting

When you let gravtySurge manage the process for you, we correlate all data from promotion, to views, to sales, and more. Get the full picture of how your art exhibit, drop, or sales are doing.

Curation and Appraisal

Figuring out what to sell, and when, can be daunting. Our team can review your digital files, unearth hidden gems, and work with you to schedule exhibits or drops that hit on the wave of media build-up.

Everything Handled

We are not a broker. We are a full-service team that is laser-focused on NFT (digital) media sales. This is a brave new world and we were born into it. Everything we do, start to finish, is to make you successful.

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Q & A

What do I need to do to get my media from my computer to a sale?

Nothing. You create media and content, that’s what you do. Or, in some cases, the media is already created and just collecting digital dust somewhere. As a full-service team, we can review your cloud storage, hard drives, or your asset management tool and pull together a curated showing. We’ll ensure that formats, sizing, and information are all correct and prepare it all for your exhibition.

If everything is digital, is payment also digital?

It can be. There are options to get paid in cryptocurrency, such as Ether or Bitcoin, or to have that converted in fiat money (dollars, pounds, euros). If you’re old school, we can even handle all transaction conversion and issue a check at the end of the process. Everything is tracked, reported on, and visible to you. You’ll always know where the money is.

I have a massive archive of content. Can you really navigate all this?

For you? Anything. We live and breathe film, media, and games. We want your work shining out in the world, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen. Of course, we’ll want your guidance and input – you know your work best. And if you truly have terabytes of media, or more, then we will guide you through a rolling series of gallery sales to maximize exposure and revenue.

I’ve heard of “NFT”, but I don’t really understand what it is. Can you explain?

At its simplest, NFTs allow you to sell digital items in the same way you sell physical items. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Fungible means mutually interchangeable, or able to replace or be replaced by another identical item. So a “non-fungible” item is unique and cannot be replaced by an identical item; there is no identical item. Using blockchain technology, the digital item (your media) is converted into a unique, trackable, secure asset. This part creates the ‘token’. Unlike images you find in a search online, your original media is essentially transformed into a singular item. It can’t be copied, unless you define that you want to generate a specific number of tokens. That works like “prints” of art, where you sell 200 of 200 prints and they’re numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. This process creates scarcity in the same way a single painting is scarce, and so is more valuable.

I see websites where I can post my media on my own. Why don’t I just do that?

NFT sales are very similar to crowdfunding. In N. America alone, $17.2 Billion is generated yearly through crowdfunding. AND, the average crowdfunding campaign generates only $824. Eight hundred twenty-four. Almost 78% fail to raise enough to trigger the funding. What that means is that a very small number of people, or companies, are generating massive amounts of money, and the average person gets fractions of a percent of that. In the NFT art and media sales world, it is the same. Most artists generate a few dollars. Hardly anyone can replicate success like Jones or Beeple. gravitySurge is the team who gets you there. Our NFT sales have topped the market and set new standards. We don’t just put your media online, we curate, promote, build up, excite, and shatter records. Your name becomes known by everyone, and your media sells for more than you thought possible.

Once I sell my media as NFT, then is it no longer mine?

Actually, you can still retain the copyright and reproduction rights, just like with physical artwork. But it is crucial that you set up your media sale properly, and legally, to ensure the highest sale amount and also to retain the most rights to your work. At gravitySurge we ensure that you and your media are secure, protected, and highly valued.